What are wearables ?

A lthough the term wearable already hints at how such a device works, naming does not account for all the details. The technology in question can not only be used as a garment or an accessory, but also has to have features that connect it to other devices or the internet.

In other words, that last-line headset or digital watch is not necessarily wearables – though they may also fit the category. The latest generation of gadgets is known to bring a series of sensors that help increase your organization, encourage exercise or follow weight loss programs, among other possibilities.

Wearables in your life

Although the definition of wearables is quite broad, incorporating smart jackets to necklaces with some kind of connectivity, their most popular incarnations are smartbands and smartwatches. Working often in an integrated fashion with smartphones, devices of the type are especially attractive for those who want to lead a more active life.

Supplement for a healthy life

Opting for a discrete format, smartbands are bracelets equipped with smart technologies that prove to be perfect for exercising. A good example of the category is Samsung’s Gear Fit 2, which features an integrated GPS to allow you to track your routes while exercising outdoors.

The accessory also records in real time the speed and distance of your races, allowing you to accurately track the progress towards your personal goals. A heart rate sensor guarantees not only the accuracy of the information obtained, but also allows you to monitor the intensity of your workouts – leaving you to decide whether or not to increase your efforts.


These same functions can be found in Gear IconX, an accessory that changes the way we think of headphones. Capable of playing songs over Bluetooth or on your own – thanks to a built-in 4 GB memory that supports up to 1,000 tracks – it has a design that eliminates any kind of visible cable.

These features are accompanied by heart rate sensors that track your progress in real time. Touch commands and a voice notification system ensure real-time updates on distances traveled and the amount of calories burned, among other information.

The information registered by Fit 2 and IconX can be sent to Galaxy smartphones compatible with Android 4.4 (or higher), further enhancing their use. Through your smartphone you get complete performance reports, determine workout routines, and see complete reports of your progress – which can be compared to other friends who have wearables.


Smarwatches can be seen as a more complete version of smartbands. Generally adopting a more classic look, similar to traditional watches, devices in the category benefit from more complete hardware and more generous area screens – which allows you to manage music playback and, when paired with your smartphone, Online activities.

Samsung is one of the companies that invests more in this market, offering to the Brazilian public two devices full of resources: the Gear S2 and the Gear S3. Based on the Tizen operating system, smart clocks are available in models that appeal to both classic visuals and those looking for an accessory with more modern features.

Gear S3 Classic
Gear S3 Classic
Gear S3 Classic
Gear S3 Classic
Gear S3 Classic

Among the models currently available, the Gear S3 is the most complete option. With built-in GPS as the main differential over its predecessor, it has a battery that runs for several days on a single charge and IP68 certification that guarantees dust resistance and direct exposure to water.

The virtual reality inside your pocket

In addition to serving as a way to get more complete data on activities that are already present in their daily lives, wearables are also capable of offering entirely new experiences. This happens both through new technologies and through the transformation of concepts that seem to have already exhausted their potential.

Most of the devices in the category are designed to work in an ecosystem that extends possibilities and guarantees a comfortable use experience regardless of the chosen product. At the same time that your smartphone serves as the center of this universe, it is enriched by the more specialized features present in other handsets.

Wearable technology is also transforming the universe of virtual reality. One of the pioneers of the area, Samsung created in partnership with Oculus Gear VR, which uses its Galaxy smartphone to transform the way you watch movies and play games.

If you’re not content to only watch content produced by other people, you can complete your virtual reality experience with the Gear 360. Capable of recording up to 130 continuous minutes on a single charge and with expandable memory up to 256 GB, Gadget offers a new way of seeing – and registering – the world around you. Images can be transmitted to either your smarphone, computer, or directly to the Generate VR.

And you, have you entered the universe of wearables? What is your opinion about these devices and their possibilities? To find out more about these technologies and the new possibilities offered by Samsung, just click on this link . This is an excellent option for those who want to give a very cool atmosphere to their content.